Our focus: IT- law and restitution of dormant bank accounts

Everbody knows what IT is about - but what about our other focus?

We are
a law firm specialized in locating and representing the rightful owners of dormant bank accounts and other unclaimed assets held in public custody in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. In these countries the state or the respective authorities are entitled and also obliged to take over and hold in custody the balances of dormant bank accounts, securities and valuables like safe deposit box contents if there has been no contact between the bank and the owner for a certain period of time.
The regulation is different from state to state and province to province. Partly the assets are held in trust; partly they are treated as "escheat", similar to the case that there are no heirs to a descendant's estate. This right entitles the respective authority also to sell securities or valuables.
If the rightful owner or his heirs can be found, we can often achieve that the assets are returned to them. For this purpose we file the necessary claims and forms with the respective authorities and cooperate, if necessary, with local lawyers abroad.
Beyond this we also represent former owners or their heirs who have been expropriated by the communist regime in the former German Democratic Republic and we represent owners of dormant bank accounts in Switzerland.